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Sue Croft is a Brisbane based Continence Physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence and bowel management for women, men and children.

Conditions Treated:
· Continence promotion
· Stress Urinary Incontinence
· Urge Incontinence including Frequency, Urgency and Nocturia
· Faecal Urgency and Incontinence
· Prolapse Management and Pre/Post Surgery Advice
· Pelvic Pain, Painful Bladder Syndrome (Interstitial Cystitis), Female Sexual Dysfunction
· Pre/ Post Prostate Surgery Advice
· Children’s Bedwetting, Daytime Wetting and Bowel Problems
· Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Sue has written two books (2011, 2012) on pelvic floor dysfunction which have since gone into three reprints. Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair Surgery, specifically for women to prepare for or recover successfully from hysterectomy and/or gynaecological repair surgery and Pelvic Floor Essentials which covers the essential information about the bladder, bowel and pelvic floor including treatment of urinary incontinence, urgency, frequency, prolapse management, bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain. This blog is a way for her to spread the word through the internet, in an easy-to-understand writing style, about treatment strategies for these very personal, embarrassing problems.

  1. Hi Sue, just asked for prices for the UK, love your blog.
    I’d like to encourage as many women as possible to ‘like you’ on facebook (maybe put your facebook and twitter icons in the footer and/or header of every page to encourage as many people to join you as possible?) We women need to tell each other and share our knowledge to keep our pelvic floors strong!

    • Hi Stephanie
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. How exciting to have my book available for women in the UK. I would love to have it more available for them and
      Without the costs of postage per book.
      Yes sharing and encouraging women to ‘know’ their pelvic floor is fantastically important!
      Talk soon

  2. Hi Sue, I am reviewing your book Pelvic floor recovery essentials for the journal of the association of chartered physiotherapists in women’s health currently re named/branded as POGP pelvic obstetric and gynaecological physiotherapy prof network.I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and think it’s a great resource for clinicians and patients alike.I downloaded mine as an e book off Amazon but need to know what are the details for print copies?price,publisher ISBN no. Etc.I am struggling to get these.Could you provide them.My search has lead me to this blog which I’m delighted about and will include in the review.I am now signed up as a follower!kind regards, Kate Walsh.

  3. Love this blog, go go go, An underserved, unrecognized condition that we love to help in PT;
    So much suffering and pain and dysfunction surrounding this. I am brainstorming some PT research on treatment, with yoga vs standard PT ex, more to come on topic

  4. Amy Mills permalink

    I’m loving your blog Sue. Such valuable and life changing information. Thank you!

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