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#Stayathome #FFS #sorrynotsorryforswearywords: #newCoronalife

25 March, 2020

The message should be clear!


But it’s not clear.

It’s contorted.

If you had a wedding planned – tell the guests to come in the #activewear and you can have double the number (10 not 5). Just tell them there’ll be some burpees thrown in – possibly more effective after the sculling of the Prosecco- to comply with the instruction that apparently boot camp attendees are exempt somehow from #spreadingthevirus (#not – this is a nonsense and beggars belief)??

Could I suggest that you look at the following information which is looking at the raw data.

“The success or failure of Australia’s coronavirus fight relies to a remarkable degree on just one thing, new modelling has found. And that thing is whether individual Australians now follow official advice -and just stay home. The data comes from a complex model of how COVID-19 could spread in Australia, which finds: Coronavirus will continue to spread virtually unchecked unless at least 8 in10 Australians stay home as much as possible. If that slips even slightly-to seven in 10 people-the fight to ‘flatten the curve’ will be lost. ” (1)

This article above, together with the fact that India (a nation of 1.3 billion people) has gone into a 3 week lockdown, has led me to make the extraordinarily difficult decision to see our last face-to-face patients today (25th March, 2020) and go 100% Telehealth for the next 3 weeks at a minimum. After a sleepless night – and disappointment that we weren’t ordered to go into lockdown by our PM last night- I made the call myself.
I would have done this much earlier, but I have 10 staff (whom I love and I am very concerned about their financial position) to consider. But the brave decision by India and the state of Australia’s ever-increasing curve made it crystal clear for me at the crack of dawn.

We will be available for Telehealth consults and have online bookings. We will soon be live-streaming exercise classes for a nominal fee. Check out our website (soon) for details.

Another thing: If it is recommended that we wash our hands for 20 seconds, then if your physio has recommended you do pelvic floor exercises (or that you relax your pelvic floor and belly breathe regularly through the day if you have a pain condition) then marry those two things together (hand washing and pelvic floor mindfulness we will call it) and when we ‘come out the other side’ your pelvic floor will not have suffered for the #lockdown!

And finally: For all of those couples who are contemplating (freaking out) 24/7 ‘internment’ with their partners (and children) please note that Bob and I will be offering Telehealth counselling about how to survive and come out of #lockdown still together. As you may or may not be aware we have worked and lived together 24/7 for the last 18 years of our 44 year relationship. We have much wisdom and knowledge to share and for an exhorbitant fee (to cover 10 staff on reduced wages) we will get you through this nightmare!

And #stayhealthy , #stayhappy and #stayathome

  1. Helen Fisher permalink

    Hee hee!! Wise decision and love to your clinic and staff.
    But in reality Sue I worry about those children whose safe place is school
    And how they will be safety wise with parents who are continually fighting and perhaps harming them. Because added to their yukky home life will probably be the stress of – no money because of no job!! Eeek….

    Our world will be a very different place when we come through on the other side, and hopefully a plus in all this will be that we have learned to
    Value the simple things in life…. not the material ones, and the shallow meaningless ones.

    Everyone has been affected by this world virus both financially and grieving the loss of the life we once enjoyed. Let’s hope in true Aussie style, we pull through, and with enthusiasm, we strive for getting our country back on its feet and our values in perspective.

    See you “on the other side” Sue… thank you for your wisdom and love for your patients and keep well and happy too.
    Love and hugs
    Helen Fisher xxx

  2. Larissa Dent permalink

    Another great read. And great idea on the handwashing.

    At work, we are getting a million emails daily with what is expected of us and the shitstorm that is coming.


    See you on the other side mate, please stay safe.

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