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The Art of Conversation

01 September, 2014

Tonight I watched a brilliant programme on SBS on the new, ongoing research into the effect of a placebo and it reminded me of this blog I wrote a year ago on the Art of Conversation. In the SBS programme one of the research experiments compared the same placebo effect of acupuncture (both were sham applications of acupuncture) with the operator just going about the business of applying the acupuncture with minimal interaction with the patient versus the operator interacting in a meaningful way, teasing the story and history from the patient and taking time to ask the patient what they were hoping for from this intervention. The results were significant – in the group with increased empathy and interaction there was a better outcome with respect to pain. Read this blog and start to understand the importance of the Art of Conversation.

sue croft physiotherapist blog

Because I got sick of reading newspapers about 5 weeks before the 7th September 2013 and because I was also very busy around that time and I was often throwing them out (even without unwrapping the plastic), I cancelled the paper. I sort of miss it at times – on the weekend, to read the Arts and Entertainment section and the magazine. But I have this great new arrangement with my Mum. I’m not sure where she gets much out of the arrangement, but I am extremely grateful for it. She reads the papers and cuts all the interesting articles out for me and gives them to me in a nice bundle every couple of weeks. A sort of summary of the news. I think a teenager recently signed a deal with a multi-national corporation to do something similar electronically for a squillion dollars.

This morning I am reading The Last…

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