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Medical Alert: Packing, Pruning and Prolapse. Hazards Around the Home

02 January, 2014

Happy New Year to everyone. I decided that it being Christmas holidays and everyone gets busy tidying and even moving house, that I should re-post this blog to remind everyone about the hazards around the house! Read and take care.

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I saw a patient yesterday who had had a repair 6 weeks ago and was really happy with how everything was going. Things were  great – no leakage, no lump, defaecation easier and she had come to me to find out about exercise in the future. But things were so good she felt energised like never before and with a family wedding coming up in Spring, she and hubby decided to do some serious gardening last weekend (yes at 6 weeks post-op) to get ready for the big event to be held in a marquee in the back yard. So there was pruning, potting, prolonged weeding (in a squatting position) and general frenzied activity to tart up the outside.

Later that day I had another patient who was telling me the history of the first appearance of her prolapse. She had two relatives that she helped in the days before Christmas with…

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