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Improve Your Moves with a Groovy Physio Video

27 September, 2013

I dare you not to mist up with this new video from The Australian Physiotherapy Association – dogs always do it for me – so have your tissues ready. But the message is a favourite one of mine, next to doing your pelvic floor exercises for life and going decaf amongst others. Exercising and getting moving when you have some ailments (knee, back and shoulder for example) by seeing your local physiotherapist is a great positive, good health message which I am happy to promote.

Of course seeing a Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist for any continence issue, prolapse, pelvic pain or bowel problem is important especially to prevent worsening symptoms by often doing very simple strategies. Often men and women delay seeking help because of the somewhat embarrassing nature of these problems. But rest assured physiotherapists who specialize in treating these problems are cognitive of this factor and will do everything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable and deal with you in a very professional way.

Encourage your friends to view it and share the video with their friends and relatives.

(The screen will appear black in the small screen but if you double-click on the screen, the full screen version will appear.)

One Comment
  1. Thanks for sharing the video. It was great from Core Concepts – Physiotherapy Centre

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