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My new website

16 June, 2013

You may have been wondering why it’s been all quiet on the blog front lately. I have been working hard with my wonderful website designer Lina to design a new website and at last it’s up and running. I think you’ll agree it’s been worth all the hard work. I’m hoping it’s easier to navigate, is informative with education material and generally very appealing to check out. Now the new website is working hopefully there will be more time to write a new blog. Lina is heading off overseas tomorrow – so her effort has been stupendous. But I’m not going to reveal her name until she’s had a well deserved holiday, come back and finished my Pelvic Floor Recovery Books website and my husband, Bob’s Croft Architects website –  and then you shall know her name and her business. She is amazing!

Check it out

  1. Website looks great Sue! Well done!

    CEO & Founder

    Personal Training Pregnant & Post natal Exercise Specialists Ph: 1300 mishfit (1300 647 4348)

    Master Trainer for Power Plate (Post Natal)

  2. Website looks fantastic Sue and well done on the 18th ! take of your video.

  3. the new site looks nice.

  4. helen fisher permalink

    Sue is it very “complete” – good work! Thanks for helping to spread “the word for women” by making this so easy to access.

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