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21 July, 2012

It is disappointing to read in The Courier Mail today that the new ‘Can Do’ Newman Government is more like a ‘Won’t Do The Right Thing’ Government with respect to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Like most of us, who don’t live with a child or relative with a disability every day, I just got on with my life after writing this blog a few weeks ago. Life is pretty sweet- working hard – but not having to face the spectre of a future of wondering how a relative with a disability may cope if I fell off my perch tomorrow. Apparently 6000 of us signed the petition or wrote a letter, but obviously that’s not enough, so I implore all of you who are out there- reading, gardening, lunching or getting some well- earned shut eye this weekend- get up, find a computer and email all and sundry about this critical issue. After all – all of us are just a whisker of bad luck away from facing this issue ourselves sometime.

sue croft physiotherapist blog

Boy that’s a big title for a blog. It wasn’t what I was going to write about this week but it’s very important to get this message out urgently and to our politicians.

When economic times are tough it’s pretty easy to look at places to save money in areas that seem superfluous….such as The Premiers Literary Awards- what value is that $230,000 to silly old up-and-coming authors? (if you can’t build it, paint it, plumb it and sell it for a lot of money or dig it out of the ground for a lot more money then it’s obviously not going to contribute to our economic prosperity). That was the first hint the Arts were in for a jolt.

However, those, who through the misfortune of birth or an accident, have a significant disability, are I feel off limits for the economic rationalists slashing-pen. I received the following email from my…

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