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Happy New Year

01 January, 2012

Well you’ll be shocked to learn that despite writing a book last year- more than adequately fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions- I did NOT win the pretend competition of ‘who got the most number of resolutions’! In fact my husband Bob is claiming victory but I can’t be sure as I lost interest when I realized the other (silly) resolutions that I repeatedly put down year after year and which this year dragged me down badly…….

1. Must lose 5 kilos

2. Must stop eating chocolate

3. Must get to the gym 4 times per week

How could I possibly achieve any of those when I had managed to do the other?

But I have dutifully put them back onto 2012’s list of resolutions and as I never really thought I would get that post-op handout written and yet it turned into my book…..Pelvic Floor Recovery……… I have already picked out my black rubber swim suit ( pretty similar to the one that the simply stunning Elle McPherson was wearing whilst surfing recently!) in preparation for Noosa Xmas holiday 2012.

So here’s a Happy New Year to everyone and may all your resolutions be realized!


  1. Katie permalink

    Those are great new year’s resolutions to have Elle’s body by the end of the year! I too will happily take that! However I forgot to make new year’s resoltutions this year (or in 2010 for that matter) but as we reach just over half way of our 20hr road trip to Melbourne from noosa, I now have a bit of time up my sleeve to ponder some important ones. 
    1) plan my next holiday, and take holidays much more frequently this year. This will keep me fresh and revitalized.
    2) read more – both books and newspapers alike! Over the christmas holiday I managed to finish a 400+ page book in 8days. While to most this is the norm, but to someone who usually takes a few months to get through a book and struggles to read more than a couple of pages a night due to falling asleep almost immediately – this was no easy feat. This year it will change and become my norm!
    3) look out for post graduate courses or some other form of study/courses – this will be the key to keep my brain ticking over.
    4) dedicate at least four hours a fortnight to painting. I know it’s something I love doing – but making the effort to get set up and paint is a huge challenge. Just as I have managed to find time to exercise – this year I will find time to paint!
    5) travel overseas – it’s been three years since my last overseas holiday and feel it’s time for another adventure before life’s obligations (like owning a home) restrict the freedom I’ve taken for granted. 
    6) learn to say no more, while make more quality time to spend w my loving boyfriend, close friends and family.

    • These are all great New Year resolutions – I find goal setting useful to being focused on some weighty ( pun intended) issues. But also don’t be weighed ( again:-) !) down with guilt if you don’t achieve them all. Remember it took me 10 years to write the book. As for the constant failure to get the weight to a more respectable figure well…….. I’ve just got to be inspired by Elle.

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