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First blog….ever!

15 July, 2011


Well I have really now become techno-savvy. Nothing new for the young but for this fifty something quite exciting. Not only is this my own first blog, but I have in fact never blogged (commented) on anyone elses’ blog. These days at Uni, setting up blogs and writing on the progress of assignments, tutorial postings and building designs (as in the case of my son who is doing architecture) is quite the norm. But for me, this opportunity to connect to a wider audience and communicate about my favourite topic – pelvic floor dysfunction – is enticing. The catalyst for this new-age experiment is the desire to spread the word about my latest endeavour – my new book – Pelvic Floor Recovery: A Physiotherapy Guide to Gynaecological Repair Surgery. It is a book designed to help women through the sometimes daunting process of gynae repair surgery.  The book was in fact 10 years in the making – a rather boring addition every year to my New Year’s resolutions. Boring – as the same group of friends had to hear every year that NO yet again, I had not even embarked on the process of starting the book. A little life experience of my own this year precipitated a flurry of activity – really a positive to come of the Brisbane floods – and in May the ‘baby’ (my book) was born. The book really is for my patients. There are always so many questions to be answered, so many fears to be allayed, so many precautions to be emphasised and because of this…. produced a burning desire to have all that information wrapped up in a small book. It is exciting, rewarding (when the positive feedback is passed on by patients) and has been all consuming – just ask the family who have witnessed the empty fridge/pantry and the house which has looked at times like there has been a burglary. And here is the next by product of this exciting adventure – my first blog.

  1. Katie permalink

    I, like you, am a novice in the bloggosphere (contrary to what one might expect being gen y’er and working in the field of communications – probably something I shouldn’t mention to save face with my first attempt at a ‘post’.)

    But what a wonderful start, and on such an important topic too. I am sure many women, men and young people are seeking information on this ‘slightly awkward area’. And being able to write questions and queries in an anonymous, yet public way, will help a lot of people understand, and help overcome their issues.

    And on a more important note, a big congratulations on publishing your first book too. Something your family’s tremendously proud of – even despite the empty kitchen cabinet I’m sure.

    Look forward to the next blog instalment!

  2. Pretty good. Keep up the blogs.

  3. AAP permalink

    The website looks great – so friendly and not too overwhelming with information. I will look forward to hearing more tips – just a few every now and then to keep me going and help me stay on track with my pelvic floor health. This is an excellent initiative and I feel it is very supportive to be able to post and read comments from others. Thanks Sue for completing your resolution to get the book out. It is excellent. I hear that it is in huge demand everywhere. I want to send some copies down to my relatives in Sydney. They are not big internet users though, so I will have to pop by and pick up a few copies and send them down myself.

  4. Laura permalink

    Hello Sue,
    Congratulations on your book and trip to Italy!
    I am 5 week out from a vaginal cytocele repair using permanent prolene sutures (no mesh), rectocele repair and hysterectomy. I wish I’d known about your book before the surgery. I’ve been off work in the USA without any sick time so I don’t want to buy the book just for the few pages about when to go back to work but I will buy it if you think it will help me.
    I was progressing well until I walked up a steep hill carrying 5 pounds of groceries. When I got home I had a small amount of bright red blood which stopped immediately and has not recurred. But since then I feel like I’m back at 3 weeks recovery with pressure when standing up and mild cramps. I’m supposed to go back to work in 1 day half days. My work is mostly sitting with also walking down long hallways. What should I do? Should I take off one more week to bring me to 6 weeks. Thanks!

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your comment. My first advice is to check with your surgeon to make sure he /she is happy with what happened. But if the surgeon has no concerns then the biggest thing about returning to work too early is that you will get surprisingly fatigued following repair surgery, so maybe being able to have a shortened day and maybe Wed off- you know work 2 days and then rest up the third day and then back again on Thursday, Friday.
      It’s always very difficult when you don’t have pay cover while you are off, but in the long term, sometimes it is better to be cautious, otherwise if the repair fails and you need a re-operation then financially it’s a burden anyway.
      As for the book- I think the book is much more than just getting you through the hospital stay- I really consider it a life-long guide to pelvic floor maintenance. But if you access my website- you can read the contents pages and see everything that is covered in the book. Email me from the website if you want to know anything further. I hope this is of help.
      Kind regards Sue

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